Hope for Single Mothers

Welcome to Hope for Single Mothers. My name is Tonya Berry. I am a 34yr single mother of 3 MaLazya 11 Jeremaih 6 and Quintin 4. I was born in Pine Grove,Sparkman Arkansas. where I completely school in 2003 with 22 class mates. I was raised by a single mom and it was 7 of us our mom did not have a job. But she would always made sure we had what we need it not what we want it and we appreciate ever min of it. I never could understand  as kids when we where growing up why we did not get to play basketball  are softball  are be a cheerleader. Well now that I am older and have kids of my own and got responsibility. That  makes me Appreciate  Our Mother even more. 


I am just a Courty girl that's trying to make a way out of anyway to know that my babies will be alright. I got to do better so my kids don't have to worry are depend on no one but the Good LORD and know that lost as the keep they faith in him. Go to school and get an education and be whatever they want be. and to have respect for those that have respect for them.

Hope for single mothers yes the struggles is real. I am diving in headfirst for this either is going to work or it's not but I want to create an organization or some kind that will help single mothers and fathers meaning the single parents who have kids in school that  wants to participate and any school function but they parents can't afford the required equipment for their children's to participate in any school function because my 11 year old daughter wanted to try out for cheerleading she's going to 7th grade but the total cost for cheerleading is over $1,000 this not even include everything else that comes with it and whatever else she's participating in it really ridiculous especially for us single parents that know that their kid can really play basketball great play football Run Track band and whatever else but the prices of that stuff and you know there are some families out here that don't even get to eat at night so why put extra weight on a back about can't even afford for your kid to participate in school functions. So my strategy is to try to get out of my communities to get up people then will and don't mind helping a single parent out file helping donate to the cause of Boston of kid that cannot afford a pair of basketball shoes maybe somebody can donate half of the money and that parents just have to pay the other half or something even if we have to get gift cards and go get whatever but I just need some help in trying to make this be big because I know is something it keeps telling me to do this and I'm going to trust my intuition and go with the good Lord because I know that's who's talking to me about this so any help or any advice input that anyone want to help me with or know anybody that I can get a in contact with to get more information about this because we single mothers could really use the help so feel free to share and to give me any advice and put information that you think will help me to create this organization and to make sure that this organization turns out to be what it needs to be thank you may God bless you thanks for supporting Hope for single Mothers.